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Harrison Ford’s “Raiders” Script

Cinephilia & Beyond has some excellent page scans of Harrison Ford’s shooting script of Raiders of the Lost Ark. Ford’s handwritten script analysis notes are evidence of an actor seriously engaged in dissection of the screenwriter’s work — a great window into his process.

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Review: Unforgiven (Unspecified Shooting Script: 1992)

Unforgiven, originally written by David Webb Peoples in 1976 as The William Munny Killings, effectively flips the moral conventions of the 1950s era classical Western genre (typified by such screenplays as High Noon), by asking the audience to invest in an outlaw’s efforts against an unsympathetic lawman.

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Review: Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (Shooting Script: 7/15/68)

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid is William Goldman’s first original screenplay. A Western script written in the late-1960s, its style and format nevertheless has more in common with the continuities of the silent era than with other screenplays available from Goldman’s period. This may not be coincidence.

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Cameron Crowe releases deleted and extended script scenes from ‘SAY ANYTHING…’

Over at his official website, Cameron Crowe helps us prove that screenplays are worth studying by releasing a series of deleted and extended script scenes from the final shooting script of Say Anything…, dated 1/18/88. Among the goodies: the only scene in which Lloyd Dobler utters the title of the movie.

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Notes on UFVA Presentation

I recently traveled to Boston in order to attend the annual University of Film and Video Association conference, where I offered a presentation called “Teaching the Digital Screenplay and Its Role in Conception and Execution.” The presentation was well-received, and I’m in the process of developing it into a formal paper I hope to publish. …

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Finding and Choosing Screenplays to Read

I’ve recently updated our resources page and thought now would be a good time to say a bit more about finding and choosing screenplays to read.

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