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Here you will find an in-depth guide to the numerous issues encountered in screenplay studies.

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1. screenplay style & use

The screenplay: a tiny pitless and pitiful acorn from which, oftentimes, nothing grows. A thin, slippery creature, three holes, two brads, impossible to read in the tub.” – Nathaniel Kohn1 Overview. For those who’ve never read a screenplay before (particularly a real shooting script), picking one up for the first time can be a daunting, …

2. paths & problems in screenplay studies

Many people scoff at the idea of defending the screenplay as a form of literature.” — James F. Boyle1 Overview. Numerous factors have contributed to the marginalization of the screenplay as an object of academic study. Those factors will be explored and challenged here. Instead of viewing these as impediments to research, we will examine …

3. elements of screenplay form

The filmic elements of a screenplay are derived from the nature of the motion picture art form. They are the result of the medium’s ability to move, its ability to create both a time and a space that do not exist in reality, and its ability to present imagery and sound as abstractions of reality. …

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