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More Screenwriting 2.0

Last August, I blogged about a paper I presented to the University Film and Video Association called, “Teaching the Digital Screenplay and Its Role in Conception and Execution.” In that paper I began to use the term “Screenwriting 2.0” to refer to the application of Web 2.0 principles and processes to the craft of screenwriting.

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And we’re back!

This blog has been inactive for quite a while, but in the coming months you should see lots of activity. In addition to more regular blog updates, you can expect some updates to our “static” content pages as well. Stay tuned!

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Revisions Complete … Mostly

I’m happy to report that the reorganization of the site is, for the most part, completed. The site still has some issues, especially navigationally, with several dead links that need to be fixed, but for the most part, users should not find it too difficult to get around. The next big project is updating and …

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Site Undergoing Revisions

Over the next couple of months, we’ll be going through several expansions and revisions. In particular, we are altering the organization of the site. During this time, the site navigation may not make much sense. We apologize for any inconvenience. The new features will be introduced here in depth when they are complete.

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Finding and Choosing Screenplays to Read

I’ve recently updated our resources page and thought now would be a good time to say a bit more about finding and choosing screenplays to read.

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