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Danny Boyle’s Olympic Opening: the Future of Screen “Writing”?

The Liverpool Echo has this interview with screenwriter Frank Cottrell Boyce on his role in the conceptualization of Danny Boyle’s Olympic opening ceremony production. His description of the process and tools used to plan the Olympic ceremony reminds me of Kathryn Millard’s exploration of prototypes and simulations in her contribution to Analysing the Screenplay (ed. …

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Review: Unforgiven (Unspecified Shooting Script: 1992)

Unforgiven, originally written by David Webb Peoples in 1976 as The William Munny Killings, effectively flips the moral conventions of the 1950s era classical Western genre (typified by such screenplays as High Noon), by asking the audience to invest in an outlaw’s efforts against an unsympathetic lawman.

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