Andrew Kenneth Gay is an independent filmmaker and visiting instructor of film at the University of Central Florida, where he has taught Script Analysis for several years, along with such classes as Foundations of Story, Writing for Film & Television, Screenplay Development, and Adaptation. He has also taught screenwriting with the New York Film Academy. He is an accomplished writer/director, having won awards for two of his short films, and is currently completing post-production work on his first feature film, A BEAUTIFUL BELLY. He has an MFA in Film & Digital Media, a BFA in Film Production, and a BA in English Lit and Philosophy/Religion.

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Why Screenplayology?

Welcome to Screenplayology: An Online Study for American Screenplay Studies. As a graduate student in 2006, I was charged by my chair with the task of re-developing and teaching an existing course in the curriculum called Script Analysis. Wishing to bring a new level of academic rigor and scholarship to the course, I sought scholarly …

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