New Bible Has Screenplay Format? No So Much

The Associated Press has just published this story claiming that The Voice, a new translation of the Bible, is “written like a screenplay. The problem? It isn’t.

Take the passage from Genesis in which God gets angry at Adam for eating the forbidden fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil:

“Adam (pointing at the woman): It was she! The woman You gave me as a companion put the fruit in my hands, and I ate it.

“God (to the woman): What have you done?

“Eve: It was the serpent! He tricked me, and I ate.”

This passage cited by the AP resembles a stageplay more than a screenplay, and having reviewed The Voice myself, I can say that’s the closest it ever gets to conventional screenwriting in format. Clearly, the AP’s Travis Loller has never read a screenplay. My question: is it really too hard for the AP to do its homework before making inaccurate claims?

Unfortunately, other news sites like Yahoo and CBS are already picking this story up and repeating the ridiculous claim about the screenplay Bible.

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